It's all in the details

bella tu means “beautiful you”. We want you to feel and look beautiful in our bella tu designs.

The bella tu collection is exclusive and reflects a modern fusion of ancient Indian motifs and embellishment traditions of hand beading, embroidery and block printing. Each bella tu style in the collection is designed and crafted with care. Jeanne Daniel designs the collection each season and collaborates with Gopi Vaid and Arnaz Soonawala , partners of Gopi Vaid, to determine the best way to execute a new design.

The collection uses a variety of fabrics that complement each unique design. Linens are hand embroidered, cottons are block printed, hand beaded and embroidered, velvets and linen/viscose are hand beaded. All of the gorgeous viscose prints are designed in house. We love viscose as it looks and feels like silk but can be hand washed in cold water. It is great for travel!

All bella tu styles are produced with care in the Gopi Vaid Mumbai manufacturing facility by their team of exceptional craftsmen.

In India, Gopi is a highly regarded designer well known for her Kurti’s and beautiful Saris worn by women of influence and Bollywood stars.

Jeanne, Gopi and Arnaz have built a close relationship based on the love of Indian craftsmanship, fashion and the great joy they mutually receive when a new bella tu design is born.

Jeanne also works with specialty retailers bringing exclusive designs to their collections.

*Kizzy Fluer Linen Shirt exclusively designed for Gorsuch Handbeading and Embroidery. Available at