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Our Story

Jeanne traveled to India and fell in love with the Kurti tunic and the Sari. Her goal was to capture the elegance and ease of comfort exuded by Indian women, young and old, wearing this traditional dress.

By using natural fabrics in sumptuous colors cut in flattering, feminine silhouettes, bella tu was born. Jeanne always keeps her designs focussed on a modern sensibility for the bella tu woman and at the same time celebrates the ancient hand craftsmanship techniques through adding beading, embroidery or applique to many of the styles. And many of the designs have a motif on the back of the garment providing an element of surprise and to assure the bella tu woman is beautiful, coming and going!

bella tu means "beautiful you". We hope you will feel beautiful, elegant and comfortable in all of your bella tu designs.

The Design Process

Hand beaded Margot tunic

Jeanne travels to India each year to design the collection. Each design is conceptualized and then made into a prototype to determine the perfect beading or embroidery design to accentuate the design story. Color is an important aspect of the bella tu collection.

Fine Beading, Embroidery & Craftsmanship

Bette cap sleeve dress - hand block printed and hand beaded

Jeanne spent over 20 years developing fine and fashion jewelry for many world renowned brands. That experience is brought into the bella tu collection through the attention to detail used in all of the fine beading and embroidery work.

For example, bella tu uses many different sized beads in a given design, even if the design is all one color to make sure that the beading has depth and interest. This sets bella tu apart from many brands using machine beading today.

Unique Detail Work

Arnaz Soonawala, Jeanne Daniel and Gopi Vaid in Mumbai, India

All designs are original using ancient Indian techniques of hand embellishment. Each bella tu product is designed and crafted with care for you and made by Gopi Vaid who is the owner of her own manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India. Gopi is a highly regarded Indian designer well known for her Kurti’s and beautiful Saris worn by women of importance in India and Bollywood stars. Gopi and her partner, Arnaz Soonawala have their own retail shop on the prestigious Kala Ghoda.

Jeanne, Gopi and Arnaz may live thousand’s of miles apart, but they have built a close relationship based on the love of Indian craftsmanship, fashion and the great joy they mutually receive when a new bella tu design is born.